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The Unity of Church and State

The Unity of Church and State
(Understanding Prophetic Events-2000 PLUS! - Series - Part 4)

Welcome to yet another Truth for the Journey article! It’s my pleasure to have so many of you on board, loving and reading these articles. I enjoy them too and the feed that comes in from various quarters is always encouraging! So lets continue, looking at this new thrust of ecumenicalism (unity-at-any-cost) that is now being propagated by so many, irrespective of the fundamental compromises that will ensue. In this context we are going to look at what is known as The New Age World Religion, that will very much come into play over the next period of time and will effect us all.

Quoting Vera Alder and Texe Marrs, let’s begin with a quote from Vera Alder’s book, “When Humanity Comes of Age,” who discuses the New Age Word Religion that “will be used as a test against governmental activities.” In the sense, that doctrine will be used and enforced by a “New Divine Plan.” Such doctrines that will:

Be given to mankind in the form of a Spiritual World Teaching or Religion. It will enable all men gradually to vision the nature of God’s Plan for this earth and the part they will play there in. It will imbue them with a sense of purpose, of responsibility, and of spiritual security and maturity [When Humanity Comes of Age by Vera Alder (Published by Red Wheel Weiser, Newburyport, MA, USA, 1940)].

Then “The World Mind,” (a twelve- person council of world rulers), will impose on the world’s population a “New Gospel,” that Paul warned the early Church about, the Gospel of Satan. Where acceptance will not be optional and the government will force people to obey. As “The Plan” so aptly and politely puts it, “Progressive simplification and unification will... have taken place in the religious field.”

The New Age gospel will soften up the world for the appearance on earth of the fake “Christ” and his disciples, the Master of Wisdom. The World Government, also known as “The World Mind,” will give way to the Antichrist and his chosen hierarchy of demon-possessed men. Vera Alder went on to say:

“There will thus be the Spiritual Cabinet of twelve whose rightful head would be none other that Christ himself... He whom the Christians know as Christ, the Jews know as Messiah, and the Orient knows as Maitreya may be recognised as one and the same Being. In this way could ‘World Religion’ develop quite naturally, and in harmony with a World Government.”

Alders book even describes in great detail the work of the New Age “Christ” and his twelve-persons (mimicking Jesus’ twelve-disciples) Spiritual Cabinet, who will see that The Plan is translated into reality on earth. They will not actually administer world government - subordinates will handle the mundane. Instead, the “Christ” and the “Masters of Wisdom” will supervise new developments in science and psychology, insuring their “spiritual purity.” All of society will be homogenised into one Master Mind as provided for in the Divine Plan [Dark Secrets of the New Age by Texe Marrs (Published by Rivercrest Publishing, Austin TX, USA, 2000)].

Vera Alder’s book also stated:
Religion would no longer be an “aspect” of human living but the almost unconscious foundation of every activity. Men would have become aware of the purpose and presence of God in every part of creation and themselves to such an extent that they would be incapable of separating “religion” from science, education, or government. The integration would have become complete.

With her book in focus, Texe Marrs commented: “The new society that results from this ‘integration’ Alder ecstatically describes as heaven on earth. But any God-fearing Christian who has read the Biblical prophecies can see that this New Age Kingdom is really a hell on earth... Alder informs us that in carrying out ‘The Plan,’ the New Age ‘Christ’ and his ‘Spiritual Cabinet’ will represent a World Religion in which every denomination [this includes Catholics!], creed and type of belief would find its place fully appreciated and without fear or favour.”

A pledge that rings hollow once we discover what doctrines will be acceptable in this New Age System. Under The Plan, every belief is acceptable only as it agrees with the Mystery Teachings. In addition every iota of religious teaching must conform to the New Age Bible that will be published by the New Age “Christ.”

The New Age “Christ” and his spirituals aides are to develop “the New Bible of World Religion, which will be the basis of future education.” People will theoretically be free to practice the particular religion to which they previously gave allegiance. But in practice, the “Bible of the New Age World Religion” “will become the framework for them all, assisting in their interpretation, stimulating them to move with the times and co-operation amongst themselves.”

Finally, it is important to understand that the Antichrist will initially appear to respect many parts of the Christian and Jewish traditions, as well as those of other religions. But eventually he will require all religions to conform to the New Age World Religion, even decreeing that all churches temples and synagogues are to become centres of the One World Religion!

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3 NIV). 

In closing this article, and with all that has been discussed in mind, we must be determined more now than ever, to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. That we keep Him in sharp focus and remain spiritually sober towards current events, whether political or religious, as they unfold.

The gospel of Jesus Christ does offend. It always has! Never, will it be politically acceptable or correct in this world’s system. It remains a stumbling stone and therefore will never bring unity, but division! A sharper contrast will evolve between the true followers of Christ and those who are merely cosmetic in their approach to their faith. It is by the Spirit alone that we are united together in Christ. Everything else out side of that, no matter how intellectually appealing, will always be counterfeit.

Father Thank You that Jesus has given to us the glory and honour, which You gave Him, that we may be one even as You and Jesus are one. That we may become one and perfectly united and that the world may recognise that You sent Him. Let Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating into joints and marrow. Penetrating my very life. I confidently trust in Him and am empowered through my union with Almighty God. The God of peace, untroubled, undisturbed well-being – is with me, now and forever.

(TAKEN FROM: ISRAEL, THE CHURCH AND THE ENDTIMES, pages 160-162. Published by APMI Publications, Available as PDF version. Other formats available soon.)


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