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A Network of Relationships

A Network of Relationships

Do you have any spiritual relationships? ...having the same attitude and the same love, living in harmony, and keeping one purpose in mind...
(Phil 2:1-2 GOD’S WORD Translation)

Welcome back! As always we enjoy your company as we share this journey together and today we move on from where we left off in the last article; in which we mentioned the importance of spiritual hubs. By way of a short introduction into today’s “Truth for the Journey” let me begin by saying that one of the signs of the times - in reference to what the Holy Spirit is doing – is that He is very much orchestrating divine connections that “produce strong relationships;” this in turn develops Kingdom business.

Also we looked at how spiritual hubs were a sign of the “apostolic,” it is also important to state that without “networking” (first in regards to relationships within the family, but secondly where ministry is concerned) there would be little growth, if any where “spiritual bubs” are concerned. For this very reason the Holy Spirit is directing us to continually focus on “building relationships” so that a strong NET is produced. A net of relationships that net-work together in order to “produce” for the Kingdom of God.

To continue, this network of relationships is called “apostolic” and is what the Holy Spirit has been and will continue to develop for this end time move of God. These relationships look for apostolic support and encouragement from other men and women of God in order to move forwards boldly and powerfully in the Holy Spirit. This is where they are properly released to fulfil their destinies for the Glory of God.

A Network literally means: a linking of people with a common interest or area of concern. Therefore as we move on in this New Millennium we will see a new emphasis on and the development of such networks; working together interdenominational and via association. Networking does not imply that all groups should come under some “Pope” like figure head or apostolic movement. Networking simply implies associations or groups who work together like “fishing nets.” Each member of a network is like that of a KNOT that ties the net together. Those who have vision, grace and wisdom, to network with other networks will become the great fishing net that God will use to draw in the great multitude of souls.

Dr Bill Hamon says of such Networks, “This gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to bring a greater unity and corporate vision within the Body of Christ. This will enable all available resources to be harnessed to work together towards assisting the Body of Christ to initiate and sustain an effective thrust towards souls. The common meeting ground is to have the corporate vision of reaping the great end time harvest and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord over all the earth.”

In the Amplified version it aptly refers to a dragnet here in Matthew 13:47, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet which was cast into the sea and gathered in fish of every sort.” The Message Bible on the other hand calls it a “fishnet” where the Authorised Version simply uses the word “net” which in the Greek refers to fishing net but also to a pack-saddle (which in the East was merely a bag of netted rope) but interestingly the root meaning for “net” actually means “to equip!” (See Gk. #4522 Strong’s). Also see the following scriptures: Matt 4:19; 9:35; 13:49; John 21:1-ff; James 3:13; 4:1-8; 1 Pet 5:5-10.

Effectively, a Network depends upon people (pastors and ministers) who are totally committed in every aspect of their life to the Lord Jesus Christ. People who are willing to use their God given talents and abilities without regard to the cost, with great joy. Remembering that this relationship of association networking is not to threaten or contradict denominational loyalties or cause division but to help bring strength, depth, unity, clarity, and the Word of God that can only enhance better skills and insights into sharing the Word of God.

One of the aims of a Network is as follows: to help establish ministry centre’s of excellence and significance for this present move of God. “Spiritual Hubs of Government’” enhance God’s Kingdom and provide a “platform” (for ministry gifts) to speak into cities and nations in an effective way. To develop ministries, enhancing and bringing them into positions of leadership, to influence every area of society. To combine their skills, experience and abilities, to make increasing individual and corporate impact in the regions of their influence for the Kingdom of God and for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lastly let’s take a look at the purpose of Knots: we could say that divine appointments are like “knots” in a net. They are strong connections that can take the strain and bombardments of team work or apostolic relationships. In other words each person is a knot; the net is only as strong as each “knot” or “connection.” Knots bring certain stabilizing features that help empower the net; the same is true of the Kingdom such as strength, ability, security, prosperity, healing, unity, harmony and trust.

FACT: Fishermen spend a great portion of their time mending and cleaning their nets; perhaps more time than actually fishing! Likewise we too must spend larger portions of our time in “ministry” on relationships that will help develop the net, His Net! This way we will be more effective.

FACT: when used to catch fish, nets see a large percentage of what is caught, thrown directly back into the sea: either wrong type or wrong size. Likewise we too will catch “undesirable” things in our nets at times. In addition consider this: God is looking for fish that can be gutted! In other words: those who are not ready to “give” themselves are thrown back... but those who can be “processed” and “prepared” are kept...!

Our emphasis here is evidently the “Kingdom of God” just as Matthew 13:47 clearly stated; “the kingdom of heaven is like a net...” (NIV) This was a direct teaching about the Kingdom not a net; but parallels are drawn and the net is used as a metaphor. However certain characteristics about the Kingdom can be deduced based on our knowledge of nets and I will close by saying that the Kingdom of God involves the following: the restoration of the nets equals the healing of relationships; knots equal the need to submit one to another in order to move forwards; just as knots in a net have to work together in order to make the net effective. Finally in conclusion: networking is equal to the Kingdom of God. We must be willing to work together and be steered by the agenda of the Holy Spirit for the sake of His Kingdom.

Father Your Kingdom is likened to a net. Help me to willing work as part of your Net. Connect me Father with Your “divine connections” and keep me from wasting kingdom time by trying to forge relationships that are not of Your Spirit. Or from time wasters who pursue a relationship with me out of falsehood; those false relationships that don’t help to build Your Kingdom, that look only to serve a different purpose. Help me to avoid being distracted by relationships that have no allegiance to Your Kingdom, and no desire to build Your Kingdom but only their own! Amen

Romans 14:17 says “the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit...” (NIV) I choose to walk in righteousness, peace and joy and I choose to be led of the Holy Spirit. I will be used as a knot in the Kingdom to bring strength and stability not for myself but for others.


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