Friday, 26 February 2010

Happiness Begins Between Your Ears

Many Christians are incapacitated because they do not know how to protect their thought lives.

“This one thing I do … I press toward the mark…” (Philippians 3:13-14)

Personally I enjoy watching people succeed in this life; excelling in their God given purpose; increasing and growing in their knowledge of Him, as they continue walking in obedience. There’s nothing more tragic than the unanswered call or the untapped potential, this grieves the Spirit of God inside of me. Just how much does God enjoy watching over our development!

In the same way that the artist treasures his painting or the master craftsman admires his work; so too our creator cherishes us. He always has our best interests at heart; our dreams, goals, well being and quality of life. All of which He intended for us to enjoy so long as we live within the boundary of THE MIND OF CHRIST!

The fact is this; if we have the mind of Christ, we will adopt an excellent lifestyle; which is not for the weary! It is keenly developed on a daily basis incorporating our speech, thoughts and actions; our spirit, soul and body. The collective meaning for the word conduct is: behaviour, manner, ways, carry out, accomplish, perform, demeanour.

Every one of us by the time we reach adulthood have developed a personal set of ethos (inner rules, codes of conduct, philosophies). The experiences of formative years shape our emotional infrastructure and complex systems of self defence... survival of the fittest! Yet in learning to survive we also learn to self-destruct! And those very complex infrastructures within us have all got to be changed, once we meet Christ. The mind is a caldron pot of ideas which develops its own shape through generational, sociological and political influences including basic family semantics! And has all got to be transformed into a new shape and demeanour that spells, “Christ.” Clearly it is not possible to know Him and remain the same!

We discover that our floored systems of personal defence are totally inadequate and our sources of collective advice are completely bankrupt in comparison. Instead the realization of our total necessity for a Saviour meets us head-on; our need for Him to be Lord and Master to whom we can give final control. Allowing Him alone to shape our morals and ideas and navigate our inner compass! The answer can only be, “the Word and the Spirit of God within us.” As Christians we have the opportunity to be revolutionized and transformed inwardly upon knowing Christ. The evidence of which is to be substantiated through our outward behaviour and influence on the world and culture around us.

Regeneration is instant but renewal of the mind takes time. Sanctification is a lifelong process, a critical transition involving the continual laying off the carnal mind and taking on (learning to yield to) the Mind of Christ; sanctification is to be set apart and made holy. Our minds are intended for holy use, and should not “wonder out of the presence of God.” Something quite hard to achieve in this day and age; but with the fruit self control it can be done!

Renewal is a lengthy process, requiring much more than isolated efforts of Bibles study! It takes dedicated self adjustment learning to think like Christ!

Many Christians are incapacitated because they do not know how to protect their thought lives. Satan will bombard us with confusion, fear, hatred, suspicion, depression, mistrust and a host of other mental distractions.

Someone once said, “Happiness begins between your ears and your mind is the drawing room for tomorrow’s circumstances...” Remember, what happens in your mind will happen in time and therefore one of our first priorities must be mind-management.

Lord thank you for today as I learn by the power of your Holy Spirit to continually yield my mind to Christ. I have not been given a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind. I have the mind of Christ! Thank you for sanctification, for setting my life apart for you and to make me holy; spirit, soul and body. Mind, will and emotions! Thank you that my mind is intended for holy use, thank you that through the fruit of self-control and by the help of the Holy Spirit, my mind will no longer wonder out of Your presence. Amen

Today I confess that I will walk in self adjustment and continually learn to think like Christ! By God’s Spirit I will learn to protect my thought life and walk in Godly discipline, not just to benefit my life but also the lives of others. I renounce the bombardments of confusion, fear, hatred, suspicion, depression, mistrust and strife. I refuse all of the distractions set against my progress. God is my refuge and my fortress and my high tower. I declare that regardless of my feelings, God declared me a “champion,” more than a conqueror, and during this day I will triumph through Christ. Amen!


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