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No Longer Politically Correct

No Longer Politically Correct
(Part 3)

“There is a Tolerance for Everything BUT Christianity!”
(By Gianna Jessen - Abortion Survivor -

Welcome back to yet another Truth for the Journey. Make certain to read all 5 parts of this series. Then you will avoid any premature conclusion! A subject like this is way too vast for one article to cover adequately alone. So... bare with us as these articles stretche out into several parts as I wanted to do this subject some justice - as much as is possible in these small article layouts. Yet going by all the generous feedback that I regularly receive, I know these articles are being enjoyed by many very much indeed! So keep reading and keep enjoying!

Now as we continue with this particular journey through the world of “sexuality” and it’s various forms of manifestations – let me start by responding to some of your “genuine concerns” that such openness might procure some sort of legal prosecution! As much as I deeply value every response that comes in – let me humbly remind us all that when it comes to being a “voice” (with spiritual influence) there are weighty responsibilities attached. What we are engaged in goes beyond mere “soap-boxing” or just “vocalizing our opinions” and “airing our views.” There is much more to this; we are engaged in a spiritual battle - whether we like this idea or not!

Then particularly as bible believing Christians we are “accountable” for our beliefs before the Lord. (In fact any preacher who is “not” declaring truth, will be particularly accountable before the Lord!) Beliefs that must have genuine “conviction” behind them - not just mental and intelligent assent! Gone are the days were we just learn a form of “religious-behaviour” that holds no weight behind especially when “tested!” And tested we will be, as the Message Bible so eloquently puts it, “I know how great this makes you feel, even though you have to put up with every kind of aggravation in the meantime. Pure gold put in the fire comes out of it proved pure; genuine faith put through this suffering comes out proved genuine. When Jesus wraps this all up, it's your faith, not your gold, that God will have on display as evidence of his victory” (1 Peter 1:7).

We are going to have to make a choice in these times; to speak our faith with conviction and wisdom so that others can be equipped and instructed in truth or to be “muted” and “censured” by political correctness – where the truth goes untold. Will we chose to hide “incognito” like some “secret-society” or “elite-religious-order” (through fear), or be “open” and “transparent?” There will come a time indeed, where Christians must go “under-ground” but until that time fully arrives, then we owe it to the rest of the world to proclaim God’s truth fearlessly and faith-filled!

Also let me remind us that Paul wrote large portions of the New Testament, whilst in prison or under house arrest! Minority groups such as those protesting for “gay rights,” have only grown (in phenomenal strength) today because they have relentlessly “spoken-out” about their rights. Now what about the rights of the believer? Are we so idle that we will allow our rights to be slowly taken away from us? Will we wait until it’s too late? Throughout history, whenever they tried to “clamp” the gospel - it spread more rapidly! Nevertheless persecution has never actually ended by the way! It has always been present and “rife” within the world and Christianity or the name of Jesus in the public arena has “never” been politically-correct. Paul himself was politically incorrect and did not fit in with the political climate of his day. But look how God used him and how God will use us! What would Paul say about the events of our world? Would he allow himself to be muted and silenced so easily? No sir and neither should we allow fear to dictate our beliefs! Silent faith affects nothing and no one – for it is dead! (James 2:20) Silent faith is a false kind of faith; that only masquerades as faith but in reality is weak and voiceless!

However it is significant at this point to understand that our warfare is indeed spiritual. We are not up against anyone. Eph 6:12 warns us that we are not fighting “flesh and blood.” No! Our warfare is totally spiritual – and spirits of “lust” are influencing and actively “degrading” our societies; we cannot just idly sit and watch - so passively without any objection. What is our faith good for if we are no longer salty to the world around us – has our salt so easily lost its flavour?! (Matthew 5:13).

So let’s move on and continue with this (part 3 of 5) “The Abnormal Sexual behaviour – of the End Times.” According to scripture lust is something that “burns” with us (1 Cor 7:9 and Isa 57:5) and something that we must guard against. “Don't be naive. There are difficult times ahead. As the end approaches, people are going to be self-absorbed... profane... addicted to lust, and allergic to God. They'll make a show of religion, but behind the scenes they're animals" (2 Timothy 3:4 The Message Bible).

In a world of “no-restraint” bible-believing Christians are considered “fundamentalists” or “extremists” and are very unpopular with the sort of crowd who want to dabble in every kind of “sexual-expressionism” there is. It is certain that we are no longer “politically correct” just as Gianna Jessen said recently, whom I have quoted in our opening statement. (By the way I strongly recommend that you watch her powerful testimony on YouTube via the link below including bornalivetruth.org.

However we are unpopular because the very scriptures that we confess and believe in - threaten their freedom, stifle their beliefs and their way of life. So what do we do about that - alter the cannon of scripture as we know it? Take out those scriptures that are most offensive? Once we start doing that, where would it stop – until the whole bible is dissembled!? The answer is this: scripture offends because it is meant to. It brings separation just like Jesus said that it would (Matthew 10:33-36; Rev 22:18)

However even with all political, psychological debates aside – even in the eyes of a child who knows no better or worse – would be able to identify from a biological and scientific point of view that a “vagina” was fashioned specifically to receive a penis and a penis was fashioned or formed to penetrate a vagina – not an anus; which incidentally was created for waste disposal and the elimination of toxins from the body; nothing more or less. Sodomy (anal sex) is a perversion of natural order. Likewise when we pervert the natural order of “gravity” – we end up paying a hefty price for that – the same can be said of sexual vice. And as said in previous articles in this series, God has generously designed the act of sexual intercourse to be “pleasurable” not painful (like child birth) but because of “perversion,” much more “pain” is derived from sex - than the true pleasure that God intended. In fact we are “outdoing ourselves,” (for the quick fix and cheap thrill).

So when it comes to the definition of “perversity” it’s no good getting all upset with the Bible and all the Christians who believe it verbatim (word for word). Because every dictionary that exists also points the finger at perversion – and calls it exactly for what it is! Now perhaps I am being a little bit pedantic here, but this is no “word-game” or “quiz on moral standards.” If a person chooses a lifestyle that involves regular acts of sodomy – that decision is theirs to make (only when they enforce that act on others, does it become a criminal act). For instance it is strongly believed that “Leonardo Da Vinci” was gay – because in his early twenties he was arrested and accused of sodomy with a young male prostitute. This made Leonardo not only famous for his great works of art but also for enjoying the permanent presence of pretty young males (models). His society was much less tolerant than it is today and was nearly “hung” for his crime. However the “political-will” and “climate” of our day has dramatically changed since then - nevertheless no such changes in society will “alter” the Bible! No matter how much anger it stirs up or evokes.

It is common knowledge that the act of sodomy and the lifestyle of homosexuality are one. This makes it difficult to separate the person from the sin. But as believers we must tolerate the individual but not take on their beliefs systems. I personally believe that we need wisdom in handling this issue. And must always love people without compromising what we believe. In the past there was bullying and discrimination towards homosexuals (which I don’t condone). Now they are gaining ground and strength as a minority group. But in a world where freedom of speech and human rights has actually stifled our rights and our freedoms – where do we go from here. The answer has to be “FAITH AND NOT FEAR!”

FACT: there are still “anti-sodomy laws” still in place today. When doing some research recently, I discovered some facts about “State Laws on Sex Crimes” in USA and an article entitled: “When is Sodomy Unlawful?” It is interesting with all this talk about same sex marriage becoming legal and the upsurge of homosexuality – that regardless specific laws are still in place throughout the US to actually penalize “sodomy” if found guilty and is still referred to as a “Crime Against Nature.” Information as follows:

“According to criminaldefenselawyer.com “Historically, the act of sodomy ("the Sin of Sodom"), which is basically anal penetration, was held by courts as "deviant" and was punished harshly. In some cases, the laws' language extended to acts of oral penetration and bestiality. Although most statutes did not expressly state the purposes of the law, it was impliedly known that these laws were basically laws against homosexual acts. In the U.S. during the 50s, every state had some variation of law criminalizing the act of sodomy. The pivotal 2003 case of Lawrence v. Texas nullified all state anti-sodomy laws that penalized consensual sex done in privacy. However, a few dissenting states still retain anti-sodomy laws in their criminal codes and seek to enforce them.”

State Law
Since Lawrence, most states have repealed their sodomy laws. Only a few states retain anti-sodomy laws on their books, usually referred to as "crimes against nature" or "deviate sexual intercourse." Among those dissenting states (with penalties) are:

• Alabama - 13A-6-65(a)(3). Sexual Misconduct. "He or she engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person." Consent is no defense. Misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $2,000 and/or up to 1 year imprisonment.
• North Carolina - 14-177. Crime Against Nature. Carnality "with mankind or beast" (no gender restriction). Felony punishable up to 3 years imprisonment.
• Oklahoma - 21-886. Crime Against Nature. "Committed with mankind and beast (same sex only)." Felony punishable up to 10 years imprisonment.
• Texas - 21.06. Homosexual Conduct. "Deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex." Misdemeanor. $500 fine.
• Virginia - 18.2-361. Crimes Against Nature. Both homosexual and heterosexual, anal and oral penetration. Includes bestiality. Felony punishable up to 5 years imprisonment.

Once again I maintain as I always have – that “sexuality is sexuality.” It is all “SEX” and there is as much sexual perversion with “hetero-sexual” activity as there is in “homo-sexual” activity. And this is where most folks miss the boat. It’s not about homosexuality; rather about the sad “perversion” of human “sexuality” from what God intended it to be. (Some call this perverted state that we find ourselves in as the “human-condition”).

Now I don’t doubt that homosexual couples have “meaningful” unions as much as heterosexual couples do (but this does not negate the Bible). Some are even life-long monogamous relationships (one partner at a time) and others are serial polygamists (having more than one partner at any one time) but this is true of “any” orientation also. Whether gay or hetero - we are all capable of fidelity or infidelity. We are all capable of perversion no matter who we are. And we are not discussing personality here nor the human rights of gay individuals but about the wider topic of “human-sexuality” and satan’s “all-out-agenda” to pervert everyone of us; to divide us and enrage us against one another. He hates humanity. Perversion is his “prize weapon” – that keeps us away from knowing God intimately as we were designed to (not sexually intimate but spiritually).

Father Your agenda for my life is pure and unadulterated. Your thoughts towards me are good and not evil, so that I have an expected end and a future. I yield myself to Your awesome plan. Help me every day to walk it with Your Spirit by my side. Judgement starts with the House of God first. Help me to trust You, so that I can live according to the truth of Your Word – even when it is politically incorrect. Amen.

Today I have faith; Your gift to me. Faith that is not willing to compromise. Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, I will not stumble or fall when I walk with You. No matter the political minefields laid before me, Your Word will see me through. You are my Rock and my salvation. Hallelujah!


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