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The Seduction of Women

The Seduction of Women

“It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex... If you use your freedom this way, you will not inherit God's kingdom” (Gal 5:19-21 The Message Bible).

Welcome to today’s Truth for the Journey which is the third in this series covering the end time seduction of women. In the last two previous articles: “The Preparation for Marriage not Promiscuity” and “The Paradox of Sex Education Unveiled,” we largely focused on the failure of the school system with their “sex education program” to prepare our young people for their futures. However both articles have been fairly “basic-knowledge” in their approach to this wide topic – consequently we will now “delve a little deeper” into what is behind all this and what is spiritually “fuelling” it, with these successive articles. After all the very nature of this type of subject “warrants” a greater understanding - as it is something that affects everyone of us not just the younger generations.

To achieve this “deeper delve” I have taken some teaching from one of my books, one that I wrote some ten years ago - a book that still requires publishing; entitled “Israel, The Church and The End Times!” From page 128 onwards this teaching introduces and discusses the spiritual warfare that is going on behind the scenes that the majority of the church is ignorant about. There is a New Age war going on, which is mainly targeting “young females,” although it promotes all kinds of perversion, including homosexuality (of which we will discuss at the end of this series!)

Mainly the New Age movement worships “Mother Earth” and of course brings the Catholic Church into its embrace because of the worship of “Madonna” as being the “Mother of all” and the “Creator of all.” We can even see how the new age movement has brought this emphasis of “mother-worship” into our living rooms through such “block-buster” films as “Avatar.” The whole theme was to protect Mother Earth (whom they called “Eywa”) – for instance healing came through her – and the suggestion was that we needed to become one in spirit with her. In addition romance was cleverly embraced within the story line – that captured everyone’s heart.

So let us continue and look at this New Age phenomena Mother goddess, the Sex Queen because according to Wanda Marrs the seduction of women is top priority on Satan’s hidden New Age agenda. Her startling book is perhaps the first to completely reveal the New Age campaign to deceive and seduce women. Satan knows that if he can capture the mind and body of a woman, he then can quickly move to conquer her husband, her children, her entire family and circle of friends.

In her book NEW AGE LIES TO WOMAN. Wanda Marrs thoroughly documents the almost incredible Plan of the New Age leadership to foster sexual immorality by inciting lust feelings and creating seductive imagery in women’s minds. She also explains how the New Age has successfully been able to damage and hurt women psychologically, break up marriages, lure our children into Satanism, cults and the occults, kill unborn babies, and undermine women’s faith in God.

Wanda says in her book (p107) that the Mother Goddess (Semiramis), “was also called the Queen of Heaven. She bedecked herself with jewels and gold and spread the doctrine that those who followed her and were initiated into the ‘Mysteries’ would be prosperous and gain abundant material wealth and enjoy sexual ecstasy as spiritual gifts from gods.

Drunkenness and merriment was a prime feature of worship as revellers lifted their cups and chanted praises to the goddess. Sexual orgies then followed a revealing of the Mysteries, the secretive, satanic doctrines that were taught by Babylonian priests and priestesses. Today, the sexual ritual and licentiousness of Babylon are back, introduced into modern-day society by the New Age.”

It is interesting that in Italy, a Country devoted to the Catholic Church, and committed to the worship of Madonna is also a country steeped in sexual immorality; with pornography readily available at “every” book store - including prostitution on every street corner. There has even been a worldwide paedophile scandal involving priests which has been portrayed on the international news media of late; even including protests for the resignation of the Pope.

This New Age agenda has been propagated also through the music industry – for sexually suggestive and occult scenes, violence, illicit sex and the occult seem to go hand in hand in many rock songs. “Heavy-metal groups’ take their listeners even farther out. One group, Judas Priest, on their album, ‘Defenders of the faith’, sang ‘Eat Me Alive’, the words depicting a girl being forced at gun point to commit oral sex. Even more explicit are the words of songs by groups like W.A.S.P.

For example, the lyrics of one of their songs spoke of pictures of naked ladies lying on the bed and the smell of sweet convulsion and about howling in heat and finally, about committing the sex act, like a beast” (‘Rock Is A Four Lettered Word,’ Time, Sept,30, 1985. p70).

Another clear example of the negative moulding power of pop idols was the claim by a child-pornography expert. In report to the United Press International, Judith Reisman said the following:

“Pictures encourage child pornography. You’re dealing with an idol or heroine who carries with her a great deal of power and symbolism. For example, Madonna is seen as a desired being in society, so all young women want to be desired; they want to achieve. If the nude pictures are described in popular magazines as appropriate, desirable behaviour, then youngsters, both girls and boys, will construe that to be the case. Large numbers of them will. Thus the pictures will encourage voluntary displays by youngsters. That is not good.

As far as the negative sexual problems, one newsmagazine reported that women all too often are portrayed as ‘bimbos’. They undress in silhouette; stretch out over car hoods and snarl like animals. Their dress includes fishnet and leathers (Women in a Video Cage, p54).

At the time of writing my book some ten years ago I included the likes of Madonna. But of course today we can add an array of others who have “progressed” or “regressed” since Madonna’s prime – such as Lady Gaga and many others – in the context of helping to “pervert” the masses. However according to my book it said that in 1989 Madonna’s hit video ‘Like a Prayer’ abounded with religious imagery and blasphemous overtones. The video begins in a church setting as Madonna sensually caresses the feet of a statue of a black Catholic saint. The icon sheds tears and comes to life. She picks up a dagger, touches the blade and the palms of her hands begin to bleed, emulating the super-superstition of ‘stigmata,’ (a supernatural event which many erroneously believe signifies God’s blessing upon an individual). Madonna dances in a field of burning crosses in little more than a slip and is seductively kissed by the ‘saint’ character. There is even a scene implying lesbian activity on the church’s altar with a choir member!

Huge advertisements that hung in record stores across America, which peddled the ‘Like A Prayer, LP’ had the inscription, ‘Lead Us Not To Temptation.’ Also the singer went as far as to have “Patchouli” (West Indian fragrance) mixed in with its packaging glue, “scented to simulate church incense” (see, a significant marketing technique employed by Madonna. Her publicist, Liz Rosenberg could hardly cover up the stench the video created (USA Today, March 30th, 1989. PD1).

Father today I reach out and pray for all those trapped in sexual deception; those who have fallen for “guilty pleasures” and opened their lives to depravity and perversity. Open their eyes to Your truth Lord and set the captives free – in Jesus Name. Amen.

Father I thank You that You are touching people’s lives and that those who are entangled in sexual sin will be set free right NOW. I command their eyes to be opened in Jesus name – that the yoke of bondage may be broken and destroyed. Holy Spirit move upon your people. We pray a cleansing in Your Church. Let Your fire purge and Your holiness prevail.


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