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“Preparation” - for Marriage not Promiscuity!

“Preparation” - for Marriage not Promiscuity!

“God wants you to live a pure life. Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity” (1 Thess. 4:3 The Message Bible)

Hello dear readers! As I was thinking about today’s “Truth for the Journey” I was thinking about my 15 year old son who told me recently how the girls in his class were constantly talking about sex and who they are having it with! (This is just 14 and 15 year old girls!) He added, “Dad in my class, when it comes to sex... the girls are the worst!” Sadly this says a lot but I am not sure that it is shocking any more. People come to expect it and are numb to the realities and consequences of such promiscuity.

In addition during my son’s “sex education” classes, they were encouraged to go home and do “home work” via the internet on the subject! However it doesn’t take a genius to know that if a child types “sex” into their internet browser at home – nothing other than pornography will come up! So now we have entire generations of youngsters faced with “hard-core pornography” – in response to their teacher’s behest and encouragement at school! Bizarre! So I advise “all” parents to supervise their children with computer access, using “family protective software” and “accountability programs” that are available. Because as we can see already, this phenomena does not just influence boys! Female teenagers are very promiscuous in deed.

In fact it seems that in the world today, when one is “setting-out” in life as a young male or female, all the encouragement that one may need to “fornicate” is readily available! Via many avenues such as TV, peer pressure, school environment, radio, MTV, contemporary song lyrics not forgetting “most” of today’s advertising campaigns! Who all thrust the “sex-now-message” in their faces..! Such as; “Forget about abstinence and withholding yourself for marriage, that is old fashioned and archaic…! In the past it was bondage and conservatism but now today we have “liberalism” – so don’t be old fashioned. Be free, express yourself, be “normal,” stop being “frigid” and do what comes “naturally.” Flow with the chemistry and HAVE SEX NOW… What are you waiting for? Do it whenever you feel like it, ignore your conscience if you have one (that’s only for nuns!) You are “young” and you only live once, so live large! Hold nothing back. Throw away all restraint and have sex “whenever,” “wherever” with “whoever.” As long as it ‘feels’ right - it ‘must’ be right!” However the only responsible “restraint” they put on this “spin” - goes something like this; “When you do have sex just make sure you put ‘safety first’ and equip yourself everywhere you go - with the latest most colourful and scented condoms!”

It’s got to be said, that in today’s world, if a young school leaver, leaves school with no other qualifications, at least they’ve learnt how to have‘…safe sex!’ But what a legacy we have left our children, what a warped set of priorities we are teaching the “up and coming” generations. It’s true, sadly that today, in our schools our young people, only in their early teens are being so freely informed about sex, to the extent that it is really teaching them ‘how’ to go about it! OK… young horny teenagers hardly need any encouragement in these matters and if no one talked about it in the schools, no one’s saying they wouldn’t get up to it any way – they would. But, while some are more than ready to indulge their senses and get home tutoring of a sort, from older siblings, there are others who are just not ready. We have to ask the question, “Are we allowing the introduction of our youngest and dearest to the world of sex before they’re ready?”

Satan cleverly uses the ‘trusted’ school system, to cunningly seduce the young out of their innocent ignorance into full blown promiscuity by informing and convincing them in a sophisticated and educated manner that it’s okay because “times have changed.” In fact it’s just “old school, old hat & old fashioned” to think any other way! So be “progressive” in your thinking, come to an educated decision by yourselves, don’t let old “fundamentalist” views stifle your freedom, just be properly informed, know the risks, know what’s involved, take the right precautions, and then just let go… have sex… lose your virginity and quick…!”

Evidently through the guise of EDUCATION we have allowed our youth to be encouraged into sexual activity - whether they’re ready or not - deleting the natural sense of “caution” or “fear” that young people have about sex. Presenting them with the argument such as this; “If you do it safely, it eliminates the risks and if there are no risks, there is no longer any need for fear.” And basically when you take the fear out of it, what’s stopping them!? All this effort is put in to open the average youth “wide-open” – not for the Gospel - but for abuse!

But some would defend the current situation with the argument, “Oh but you fundamentalists are stifling our youth, they need to be able to express themselves and be free. Leave them alone, don’t you realise that the legalism of your fundamental views are the problem here – lighten up!” Does this make us fundamental? YES! Does it make us legalistic? NO! God wants us to enjoy sex. Yes that’s correct – “ENJOY IT!” It was created for our pleasure (as seen in 1Tim 6:17b) and was a marriage gift from God to the married couple. A “gift” that was to be opened on the wedding night and not before! But when finally “opened” in its right time - was to be “fully enjoyed” but kept sacred before God.

Consider it this way; if we were never meant to “enjoy” sex, then God would not have made it pleasurable but instead just a “reproductive process” that we had to “endure” every now and then just to ensure the ongoing growth of the world’s population! In other words God could have created sex for “necessity” and “pro-creation” alone – void of any involvement of “pleasure!” But thankfully God didn’t do things that!

I know this labours the point a little however there are just so many occasions where “pleasure” is seen in a negative light, yet God Himself “created” pleasure on every level, including sex as we are discussing here. However extremes do exist and as the scriptures say, people begin to worship pleasure rather than the giver of the pleasure. We see this in 2 Tim 3:4 where it says, “... men shall be lovers of their own selves… unthankful... lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.” How often does humanity worship the beauty of “nature” - yet deny its “Divine Artist.” In fact 1 Timothy 6:17 says that He is, “...the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy” and “life more abundantly” in John 10:10. In addition God created a “special-safety-net” with which to protect sex – the boundary and institute of marriage.

But then, we are sold the lie, at the very young and impressionable age and very often by those who should know better, that we …need to experiment, sow our oats, get a little “experience” before we settle for the right partner in life… to discover which one is sexually compatible! What a lie, when do we stop experimenting and where do we draw the line? It is in all these things that young or single people need to put their faith and trust fully in God and decide that "God is their source, for everything including the compatibility of their future partner.” And this does require real TRUST, and a prayerful willingness to wait until He reveals who, where, when and how.

Experimentation and promiscuity only leads to confusion, comparisons, hurts, and a whole host of other obstacles that creates heavy baggage that we take with us into marriage. Robbing young couples of the God intended intimacy of their relationship – and infiltrating it with a mixture of lust, pain, hurt and abuse.

So it is paramount then that we chose wisely for our children between the school of “fornication” and the school of the “Holy Spirit!” The harvest of fornication is manifold: abuse, hurt, pain, division, divorce, infidelity, child abuse, pornography, illegitimacy; which produces multitudes with an orphaned spirit and an identity crisis! But Revelations 2:20 warns us that Jezebel’s intentions wont cease – still today this spirit actively looks to “educate” and “entice” folks to commit sexual sins… nothing has changed – she still looks “…to teach… fornication (sexual immorality)…” (KJV Emphasis added)

There is balance to everything – so I must add here that teaching our children about sex is not wrong! Of course not…But as believers our agenda for sex education is completely different than that of the world; PREPARATION FOR “MARRIAGE” NOT PROMISCUITY

I dare say that, as Christian parents we can see that there’s a LINE here somewhere! There’s a whole lot of difference between just “informing” and “aiding and abetting!” I am sure that most parents, Christian or otherwise, once having discussed the delicate but necessary subject of sex with their child, wouldn’t dream of pulling out a condom, show them how to use it and then give them a small stock of them “just in case!” And needless to say, if we did, especially in Christian homes, this would send a really confusing message to our children, red, green and amber all at once!

Father put a hedge of protection around our children today. When temptation does arise - let the power of Your “conviction” be with them. Show them Your plans for their future; concerning relationships and eternal destiny. Help them to discover their true potential in You and the compatible life-partner who will measure up with Your will for their lives. Amen.

Father I confess that I will take my place as a godly parent and will help my child/ren to discover the fullness of life as You intended without promiscuity or fornication. I will encourage godliness in our home and will not allow any open doors (spiritually) that will expose my family to uncleanness where you intended purity.


Motto: ‘God Chooses, then the Spirit Tests, but You Must Respond!’

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