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Leadership Seduction Series

Humanism vs. the Spirit of God
“I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy in this book: If anyone adds anything to this, God will strike him... If anyone takes away any words from this book of prophecy, God will take away his portion of the tree of life...” (Rev 22:18-19 GW)

This is the last in a series all about “leadership seduction” and we know from the feedback that we have been receiving, almost every single day, from readers around the world, that these topics are certainly being enjoyed by many of you (to read some of these fresh testimonies, please visit the new website!)
Admittedly this recent focus on “leadership seduction” may seem slightly negative, but a subject that must be addressed nonetheless and always better tackled than left. After all, a lot of us have encountered these types of people who either don’t want to change or are completely ignorant that anything is wrong (ignorance is always arrogant!) Nevertheless we still have the option of heaping up “many” teachers to tickle our ears as scripture puts it, with “tastefully designed and politically correct teachings” that only address what we want to hear. Yet avoiding all things negative is not wise and keeps us shallow and uninformed. Awareness (not conspiracy theory) prevents spiritual threats, which arrive on the door step of every church group or ministry. No one is immune; ask me how I know!!!

So to continue, yes these bogus leaders (without qualification or recognition) hate to be challenged; yet challenge is precisely what reveals their false anointing! (They are easily threatened!) True anointing attracts “trouble,” it comes with the territory! But these individuals have a hatred for all things “challenge” or “change!” but its what reveals insecurity and weakness, like nothing else!

I believe and always have, that the Holy Spirit uses “change” a lot in order to teach us and sometimes it may even seem that the only “constant” in life is “change!” But it is this that keeps us fresh and unstuck! (Change is not synonymous with crisis as some folks treat it! And it helps to keep in mind the following: behaviour in the first moments of a crisis reveals who and what we truly believe!)
Character assassination is another trait: many of us have had our integrity questioned and it’s never pleasant! Generally it doesn’t stop with us either but also affects our families, our marriages and every area possible... (especially if we are leaders!) However it is the accuser of the brethren who does this. [But there is balance to everything and leaders must not use this as a clock to cover everything by saying, “…don’t question me about anything...!” No! We must remain accountable; to our flock, to each other and to the Word.]

Bogus leaders never enhance unity and leave a trail of “separation” and “disunity” in their wake: of marriages, associates, and friends; even longstanding relationships, all left in tatters (see Proverbs 16:28). They don’t “co-habit” and when they have the opportunity they specialize in “rescuing and then despising!”

Falsehood: (2 Cor 11:4/26) the Bible speaks of many falsehoods such as false brethren; false apostles, false spirits, false doctrines and false prophets, to name a few! The point is this: there is a counterfeit to anything that has an “original!” For example we never get to see counterfeit “$30 dollar bills” or “£9 pound notes,” simply because there was never an original!!

“False brethren” for instance are those who consistently find something to make an accusation about. They are not unlike “false witnesses” except they shout about stuff they do witness but don’t like! And there’s nothing much they do like! The “humanism” that steers them is not of the Spirit of God and they have the uncanny ability to totally “misread” everything! They easily make a controversy over anything and seek to correct their leaders by saying, “We don’t want to undermine you, BUT…” Usually these same people have such “delicate” consciences (no faith) that they use this to manipulate their leaders to pass everything by them first; to the effect that nothing happens without “their” approval!

What all these people their main struggle is with – humanism – and more often than not they exalt “psychology” (lit. “science of the mind”) over the very Word of God. In fact false leaders love to quote more from their psychology books than from scripture; yet quote just enough scripture to keep it convincing! They offer a complete mix. Mixing the “Word” with anything is dangerous, because it must be kept pure, unadulterated and defined as the true Word of God.

Even though psychology has its place, though limited, it certainly must not be “mixed” with the Word of God; especially where people don’t know the difference! (To qualify this let me say the following: If people insist on using psychology... they must “define” it as such and not mix it with - add it to - or - mistake it for - the Word of God, because pretty soon people in general won’t be able to recognise the difference. Besides - psychology only applies to the “fallen mind” not to the “renewed mind.” Those born of the Spirit know their mind is “being” renewed by the Word of God daily. Psychology only studies the mind “in its fallen-state” but it cannot renew anything! Humanistic reasoning’s must not be added to God’s Word. See Revelation 22:18)

Clearly not everyone who claims to be genuine and led by the Spirit is what they say they are... However scripture gives us one main source of evidence to prove or disprove the genuine from the bogus; chiefly “FRUIT.” Its presence or absence speaks volumes. If any of us truly walk by His Spirit, there will always be evidence to prove it! There is always evidence to the life of the Spirit (tongues is evidence of the baptism, fruit is the evidence of the spirit led life). Whether it is fruit of character or of ministry, there is always fruit where the Holy Spirit resides.

Finally, even though we have looked into the behaviour of the false and bogus - none of this is “personal” or aimed at “flesh and blood,” rather spiritual forces that are opposed, hostile or anti-Christ (anti-anointing, anti-truth, anti-righteousness!) The anointing breaks every yolk of bondage (which takes genuine authority!) Remember that where the counterfeit can only “question” Christ, the true anointing “reveals” Him.

PRAYER FOR THE DAYFather I am grateful for Your ability to keep me alert. For the devil prowls about like a roaring lion waiting to see who he can pick off. I want to be aware not naive and I want to be full of Your anointing and Your Word. Your truth keeps me free and is greater than every other truth; sharper than any two edged sword. Amen.

CONFESSION OF THE DAYToday I have the ability to stand firm in my faith. I am justified by faith and live by faith. My mind is being renewed by the Word of God only and not humanism. I have the mind of Christ. I have not been given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a SOUND MIND - Hallelujah!


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