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Leadership Seduction Series

Deliverance from Parasites!

“He will be glorious in the presence of his respected leaders” (Isaiah 24: 23 GW)

A dictionary definition for “parasite” is as follows: - “an animal or plant that lives on another animal or plant without giving anything in return...”

We continue today with this concept of “leadership-seduction” which involves those individuals who impose their “assumed and unqualified leadership” upon others. Individuals who exercise “unwanted and illegitimate authority” over others! Not unlike the parasite in nature or society, these individuals fall into the category of “spiritual – parasite!” Without living off the lives of others they simply don’t have a life of their own! And those of us who have experienced this type of indulgence from others will be familiar with the following.

The spiritual parasite is an individual whose interference and activities in the lives of others is never fruitful. Like the opening definition says, a parasite is all about TAKE! They live off the energy, anointing and vision of others; believing that they are entitled to make all manner of “directional - suggestions” as if they were talking about their own lives! And spiritually speaking, they drain the very life source of their victims and when able to live off of these victims for lengthy periods of time, actually begin to claim “ownership!”

Most of us have experienced this in some fashion or another and know that pretty soon they want to be the umpire of every decision that is made and demand an explanation when changes have been applied without their approval! When we begin to endlessly “justify” our actions, it is then that we must remind ourselves that this person is not even in leadership! And because they need others in leadership to endorse them, they arrogantly treat others in genuine leadership positions, on a level or equal footing – in order to give themselves more power! (When people in general see that these individuals appear to have so much sway with others in leadership, they begin to treat them the same way and this is just what they want!) They try to hang out with those in leadership all the time; because it is all about “appearances!”

They want to be seen having spiritual weight; that their opinions really count. So watch out, not to give them too much valuable time; endlessly talking, because this helps them to establish their bogus “position.” We must remember, they are always “positioning” themselves & EVERYTHING is calculated. Every single conversation, no matter how “relaxed” it might seem, has a hidden agenda attached to it. We must remain alert; not easily duped! Especially since they are “masters at flattery” (seduction) with their appealing “opinions” about our particular “destiny.”

So much so, that we actually become convinced they are as committed to our success as we are! No way! In fact their plan is that our success must become “their” success. They are a parasite remember. They will take their fill and then leave. Depending on how much we have to offer; it can be a drawn out affair or a “hit-n-run” experience! Either way they are toxic! In Isaiah it says; “Traitors continue to betray, and their treachery grows worse and worse...” But in his closing verse Isaiah triumphantly states; yet “He will be glorious in the presence of his respected leaders” (Isaiah 24:16-23 GW).

Another attribute to their seductive behaviour is that they are consummate “time-wasters!” One sure sign is that they will consume HOURS of our time – yet make us feel that we have consumed hours of theirs!!! They insist on knowing “everything” and encourage lengthy explanations and justifications! After we exhaust everything – we wish we hadn’t! Why did they “need” to have all that information anyway? Once again we explained our lives away, gushing like we just couldn’t stop! [Then the accusation is that we talk about ourselves too much!! When all we did was attempt to answer their endless QUESTIONS!] By indulging them in this way, we’ve simply invited the parasite to dinner!

Another characteristic of leadership seducers: they always “disapprove” and like to make us “feel” their disapproval! Oh... it’s not in what they say – it’s in what they “don’t” say that makes us feel it! The pause, the silence, the look – it’s the way they posture that helps the impact! And it’s the questions they “don’t” ask and the information they “withhold” that has the potential to bother us the most! And no matter how lengthy our explanations – they never “satisfy!” Remember lust is hard to satisfy and in their seduction, they have an unquenchable lust for information. Knowledge is power. The more we talk, the more they hope we will “leak” some private information that they can “really” use! For those of us who are in leadership, we have to guard ourselves from becoming over familiar with those who are not in leadership. (We must be careful even with those who are! But especially those who aren’t...)

This type of individual doesn’t just want to steer people’s actions but also their thoughts; to get into their mind and under their skin. It’s a similar feeling to “possession” yet “deliverance” only comes when they are cut off (they rarely eject!) In fact its difficult to get free of their manipulation; when we attempt to bring distance at first they turn on the charm even more, and how could we possibly live without them?! But charm is the flip side of the same coin as nasty! When separation comes, so do the attempts to discredit. They have to disprove and discredit to save face.

If allowed to continue their influence in our lives, these individuals also peruse a position of “personal-spirit-guide” constantly giving out advice. However the Holy Spirit is the only “guide” we need spiritually speaking, along with genuine advice from genuine leadership!

Those who are barren cannot pass judgment on the fruitful. Remember people who consistently deny the Spirit don’t grow. They systematically refuse to “flow” with what the Spirit is doing and “always” want to suggest a better way... their way! Their “faith” is counterfeit and consists more of humanism – pride – and unbelief than anything else! They always flow cross-wise from the Spirit, even though they insist that they really know the Holy Spirit. They talk the talk – but don’t walk the walk

Even watch how they worship. Is it all about them? Notice that in “everything” these people are consumed with themselves. Not with just the normal insecurities, that others face, (yet with a willingness to overcome). No! They are completely stuck on themselves, in an unhealthy, narcissistic way. They appear to be always in a crowd but actually they are very isolated and narrow in their thinking; completely convinced they are right about everything.

Our security must be in the Lord. As leaders, these people infiltrate our surroundings usually because of our genuine desire and healthy desire to succeed. In what? In achieving what God had said to do. Without that drive nothing is achieved, just apathy and procrastination! But these people latch onto the genuine in order to bring about the counterfeit. So be strong and of good courage! When you try to eject from such unhealthy connections, be ready for a fight. But the battle belongs to the Lord and the victory is ours. The drive to achieve is good, but we must keep it pure. Amen!

Father I thank you that in a day where treachery is on the increase – even within the Church – You are able to keep me pure. My heart, the vision that You gave me and all the encompasses the commission up on my life. Help me to keep my calling and election sure by keeping it pure. Help me to resist each infiltration by behaving righteously; moving with You in trust and not in fear. Thank You for Your ability to stay fixed on the goal regardless. Not out of “earthy-ambition” but out of “faithfulness and diligence.” Thank you that I have the mind of Christ concerning all these things. Amen.

Today Father I confess that my mind is fixed on You who is able to keep me in perfect peace because I trust You and my mind is “established” and “set” on You. I am able to reach the goals that I am aiming for. I commit to remain submitted to You and to those you have placed in my life. You are greater than the counterfeit. You are my Rock of Ages. Hallelujah! (Isa. 26: 3-4)


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