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Appropriating God's Word


When the queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame, she came to Jerusalem to test him with hard questions. She arrived with a large group of attendants and a great caravan of camels loaded with spices, large quantities of gold, and precious jewels. When she met with Solomon, she talked with him about everything she had on her mind (2 Chronicles 9:1 NLT).

As we pray over our gifts we must do what the late Derek Prince advised and that is to APPROPRIATE THE WORD. We must ‘SAY’ something agreeable with or in affirmation to the scriptures in the process of our giving. It is AS WE GIVE that we need to employ faith; this is paramount... it took effort for the Queen of Sheba to do what she did, it was not a passing thought but completely deliberate. And giving is just one part of this... faith is the other all important part that legitimizes our gift and brings the results of our giving right-back-at-us! See it like this, faith fertilises our seed, just like sperm the egg or the bee the pollen. EVERYTHING NEEDS THAT FAITH CONNECTION IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD (ESPECIALLY IF WE EXPECT TO SEE KINGDOM RESULTS!)

One example of a prayer we could pray over our seed is this, "God, I want to be a part of this... therefore I am deliberately going to sow part of my life into this particular person’s life and ministry. As I activate my faith I also ask You father to open a doors of access that also allows the same blessings that exist on their life to flow toward me so that I too can be more effective for Your Kingdom, Amen."

Nothing happens on auto-pilot in the Kingdom of God – you have to be deliberate about your faith. Your faith alone activates the things of God. FAITH IS ALWAYS THE PREREQUISIT. Often we believe that everything about God is unconditional, but it is His LOVE alone that is unconditional, where everything else about Him is totally conditional! And the biggest condition of all is the FAITH CONDITION which is attached to everything that God is “...Without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

Like the queen of Sheba gave gifts in order to see things happen in her own life, we must NEVER NEGLECT to mix faith with our giving. We must never waste good seed or good gifts by failing to activate our faith alongside them. Wasted or misguided giving cannot please God.

However we must not miss one vital element here. Obviously we can’t get from someone what they are not able to give; in terms of anointing or impartation. So where we give does determine our return. The Queen of Sheba needed something that none of her peers could give her, so she drew close to the one who could, King Solomon. Again, it wasn't just a selfish desire; it was reciprocal. It was very important to her that she could better serve the people of her realm and to fulfil her role as queen. We could say that she was “equipping herself.” The same applies to us, if we need something (a particular quality) that we see in others, that will help us to fulfil our own God given role... then we too must give purposefully and receive purposefully just as she did. We must never throw anything into the wind or to chance and then call it faith! That is anything BUT.

Faith on the other hand is determined and purposeful and our giving must match that. God is not aimless when it comes to our lives, He determines that we have, “a hope and a future and an expected end,” (Jeremiah 29:11) Likewise in Romans 8: 28 we are, “...called according to His purpose.” There are no accidents in the Kingdom of God. Our giving should NEVER take on the status of an accident either. It should be deliberate, intentional and directed. Throwing things up in the air and seeing where they land is NOT FAITH but risky; even borders on being stupid...! Especially when it comes to our giving...

Yes! We must allow the Lord to convict our hearts regards giving into certain ministries. Especially from those who have fed, nourished and supplied us with revelation and spiritual blessing the most. So we can and we must partake in the blessing and anointing that is up on their lives. This is God’s plan. We sow and then we reap... it is called “divine reciprocation.” They too are part of this divine reciprocation. They labour and toil and sacrifice in order to bring you the very best that they can offer. In return they live from the Gospel. Even though the gospel is free, they live from it. For them, when they preach – they can eat!

Consider this concept also, we don’t like parking our new cars just anywhere now do we? We prefer to put them where they’ll best sheltered and taken care of. So then why should we be less attentive when it comes to our seed? It is not just a motion we go through, or a must-do on our to-do-lists. But it is a faith venture that can bring awesome returns to our lives. Our aim is not to become fat cats living in the lap of luxury in terms of wealth – but that we can become more accessible to others - which can lead to a very fulfilling and rewarding life.

Too many precious saints give without applying faith or with any revelation about what they are doing. Either that or the revelation they once had has become stale with miss-use. The effect of this is little if not any reciprocation - which only feeds their unbelief, that somehow giving just doesn’t work for them!

But proof is out there! There are innumerable testimonies that provide us with the evidence that giving works and always has. There is nothing warped or bias about Gods system of doing things. We just have to do it HIS way. The Word works for those who work it... It takes more effort than bucket plunking once a week; or simply allowing direct debits or standing orders to leave our accounts each month, without being mindful of them. We must be more purposeful than that in order to see the results of your giving. WE MUST AIM OUR FAITH LIKE A BOW AND ARROW! WITH GOD THERE ARE ALWAYS RESULTS.

Any lack of results for your giving can be due to “giving amiss” or “giving lazily” without applying faith. Its time to check and assess ourselves and to stay where the blessings are! Because the more blessed we can be - the more richly positioned we can be in order to fulfil the destiny on our lives while helping others to fulfil theirs. And having done all by faith – God is our greatest reward... “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him” (Hebrews 11:6 KJV).

Reciprocal giving should never stop us from “benevolence giving” because God will certainly have us engage in this kind of giving from time to time...! Which is just giving to give. Giving to the poor is lending to the Lord. And you can never out give God. He is no man’s debtor. Alms deeds are part of our Christian living and should be part of our giving.

Over the last weeks in Truth for the Journey we have presented teaching covering the many different aspects of money in the Kingdom of God. Therefore it is very important for us to understand the power that is available in “partnership” – a power that must be put to work! We must allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding and bear witness with this teaching so that both blessing and anointing can be released upon our lives. My prayer is for my partners – that they increase many fold, so that we may do this great work of the Lord together, without delay and with great joy.

Become a Partner today it’s never been easier...

You are a sower. As God puts seed in your hand – mix it with your faith and give today. See increase – your harvest of faith will never fail.

Dr. Alan Pateman

Father I thank you that as I sow my seed to further your Kingdom I am participating in “divine reciprocation.” I can sow and expect to receive. Without this expectation, how can I exercise my faith that pleases you? Therefore I expect to receive as I sow and as you increase me I will rejoice in my position to effective for You. Amen

Today I confess that You are my all in all. There is no need that You can not fill and supply. I have no doubts in Your ability to put seed into my hand. You have increased my seed and I choose not to eat my seed. I sow the seed you have given to me in order to bring a harvest not just for myself but also for Your Kingdom. Hallelujah for divine reciprocation!


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