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Break Out!

“Break Out!” True Prosperity is FREEDOM
on Every Level not just Money...

And he shall be like a tree firmly planted [and tended] by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he does shall prosper [and come to maturity]. Psalm 1:3 (Amplified Bible)

The English word to prosper means to succeed, to flourish, to thrive and especially to have economic success. In Hebrew, the world most often translated “prosperity” or “success” is tsaleach (pronounced “tsaw-lay’-akh”), #6743 in Strong’s. The King James Version translates this word in 15 different ways, among which are: come mightily, be profitable, break out, be good, prosper, make prosperous.

The main idea of this verb is to accomplish, finish, complete and succeed. Thus the primary meaning of tsaleach has to do with pushing forward; that is achieving some goal. There are several tense of tsaleach, and they can be used to convey a variety of concepts.

I like the term “break-out” to refer to prosperity as breaking out of the cookie cutter mould that life, culture, tradition puts on us. We can break out... like a jail-break... we can shake of those chains of the past and be free to move on. Prosperity is a real achievement. Jesus put poverty on the cross. Like a curse hung on a tree. Forever it can be conquered and overcome. I like to remind folk that the war has already been won... we just have a few battles to fight and even then we are only “enforcing” the victory won at the cross.

For that reason I declare the blood over everything. Not out of ritual but revelation. And not unlike Benny Hinn and the late Dereck Prince I value communion highly and would take it every single day if I wasn’t restricted by travel. The Passover is real. It’s not just a culture or part of tradition its revelatory and real to those who apply it. Jesus causes the destruction, to pass over. Satan comes to steel, kill and destroy - but Jesus is still our Passover Lamb. The finances of this kingdom should not influence the finances of God’s kingdom. We should prosper regardless.

When the world is in recession we should thrive. Go back to the opening paragraph... and you will see that prosperity means to prosper but also to “make - prosperous.” Consider that! Selah! We are not just to be prosperous ourselves... but wherever we go we should influence and “make” prosperous. How? by bringing prosperity and well being into other people’s lives.

I can honestly say, and my wife and team and everyone who knows me will back me up on this, that wherever I go I look to raise the standard. In the natural I was raised like many to do a job well done or not at all and therefore naturally speaking it has been instilled in me to do and be my best wherever and whatever. It’s my hard wiring if you like! But higher than that is my concept of the Kingdom in me. And wherever I go I look to make it nice. Even if I rent a property I do it up and spend time on it. Is that good stewardship or bad? After all isn’t renting dead money? No! not at all. It depends how you live. If you travel like I do, renting is your best option. Do I then let property run into disrepute because I don’t want to do up someone else’s property? Not at all. In fact everywhere I go I look to leave “order” in my wake. And I believe that with a good conscious and a good witness that is how all of us should be.

We should make the world sit up and look. Hey what are those people doing? Why are they doing that? Because wherever we go we possess it for the Kingdom. When we move on, we move on, but until then it’s going to look like Kingdom property!

This is how I run my personal life. Like Smith Wigglesworth, I own very few clothes. But what I have is smart and in order. I de-clutter regularly and keep everything neat. In fact my wife calls me a “neat freak” but I genuinely see the benefits. When others are encumbered by “stuff” I am free to move, to operate and to succeed because obstacles are not in my way. I stay on top of the weeds of life... and keep the way clear so that when God says move, I can move without having to clear out the rubble first.

Even Nehemiah had to stop and clear the rubble away before progress could be made and there are times like that. But if in your personal life you keep things uncluttered and simple, it makes flowing with God a whole lot easier. Some people would love to serve God the way I have over the last 25 or more years. But “life” has gotten in their way. That’s a shame because good intentions don’t build for the Kingdom. Only faith with-works can!

So let’s be prosperous but also “make” others prosperous or at least feel the benefits of our prosperity. Let it overflow and spill into their lives so they want the same. Many times I go somewhere and tidy it up and immediately the other residents do the same. Its like a trigger for excellence. Everybody loves excellence. They might not admit it at first, but inevitably everyone is influenced by it. I have seen it so many times.

I get on a plane in my suit and get treated like I have a million dollars. Regardless of whether I have a one way ticket or not, they don’t know that and why should I tell them. What they see is order and that communicates things to them.

So... the moral of the story is this: prosperity is not just about possessions and money. Prosperity is a perception. It’s a way of thinking as much as anything else; where you refuse to think failure, only success. It’s that basic half empty or half full concept. And wherever you go or whatever you have at the time: you do your best, behave your best and deliver your best and circumstances can’t revoke that. Nothing impedes your “thriving” mentality. It’s neither a “striving” mentality nor a “surviving” mentality. Instead you feel and look and live as if you are “thriving” every single day of your life. No matter what is going on around you. You see the possibilities in everything and don’t look for the problems - rather the solutions.

Now this is more than just positive thinking. Why? Because there is no denial in the existence of problems but instead of dwelling on them, you seek their solution. You are a fixer. Not a fault finder or a problem finder, but a “solver!”

Take on the prosperous attitude today. Like brother Hagin often used to say about faith; “if you believe something then act like you do, talk like you do and think like you do.” The same is true of prosperity; act like it, talk like it and think like it - regardless. True prosperity is an attitude and affects your whole way of life, not just your pocket book or purse!

I have lived in some of the poorest areas where folk depend so heavily on welfare that you can read the day of the week like an alphabet. It’s so predictable what comes next. By payday everyone’s mood is high but by the end of the week everyone is dark and depressed! They are up and down because their moods are dictated by their bank balance or cash flow.

This is earthly and low level thinking. It keeps you down. Well I say we should “Break out!” break out of the mould that has us locked down. Jesus said don’t think about earthy things but what is above. And my wife often likes to write at the bottom of her letters “Stay Lifted” because it’s so easy to be brought down by life. Keep your eyes lifted. Your spirit lifted and your thoughts lifted and break out of the rut. True prosperity goes way beyond money and is a mentality that refuses to be put down by circumstance. It rises to the occasion - regardless. Perhaps it sounds just like faith. But it takes real faith to live in “true” prosperity.

Break out today and stay lifted in every way!

Father I thank you that true prosperity means breaking out of the mould and out of all things that would hinder our well being. You took poverty to the cross and nailed it there forever. I don’t have to be ruled by it, I am an overcomer and I don’t have to obey poverty any longer. I choose to walk in prosperity and to help “make others prosperous.” Amen

This day I declare that I have broken the mould; no restrictions can hold me back. Not educational nor gender related restrictions, not social restrictions; cultural or traditional restrictions, nor any kind of prejudice or lack! In Christ I humbly yield to His authority and enforce His success in my life. I choose to thrive and not just survive. I delight in breaking out and helping others “break out!” I choose to live in true prosperity (that goes way beyond financial boundaries) so that I am better positioned to help others.


Motto: ‘God Chooses, then the Spirit Tests, but You Must Respond!’

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