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Tithing Vs Surviving!

Is Tithing still Relevant? &
Can God’s Financial Structure cause us to Thrive not just Survive!?

“God doesn't stir us up into confusion; he brings us into harmony.”
(1 Corinthians 14:33 Message Bible)

In the world’s system, referring to whatever country we are resident, it is only right and legal that we contribute to the welfare of our respective countries. In fact our country of origin would not survive without a clear structure or system that really works. In the west we call this democracy and there are many different forms of democracy.

Why would it not survive? Because living without structure is like living without a back bone! A society without structure or backbone is a lawless society governed and driven by dominant law-lords rather than a system that looks out for the genuine welfare of its citizens. Rather than just letting the strongest survive… its fairness for all. That is the aim of democracy no matter how flawed it is and included in this pursuit of ‘fairness’ is the necessity to pay taxes; which in turn ‘maintains’ the overall system.

Various economies would be quite manageable if everyone contributed to the systems that have been established through these governments. I’m talking about democratic societies.

Jeffry Grant gives some staggering figures about what he calls the ‘Underground Cash Economy’. He says, “The greatest problem facing the government is their desperate need to generate additional tax revenues.” Doesn’t this sound like the Church? And yet we don’t need additional tax, what we need is additional tithes!

Mr. Grant goes on to say, “Huge welfare costs and massive interest payments on the national debt have created staggering deficits. However, the resistance of voters to higher taxes has put the government in a difficult position. Studies reveal a huge amount of the economic and financial transactions are not being recorded or taxed at all. Increasingly, people are using cash in an attempt to escape high taxes.”

Over the last decades various studies have shown that the untaxed underground economies of separate countries are estimated to be well into the billions! With figures for the US economy much higher, even into the trillions each year; however if a significant part of this underground economy was taxed, budget deficits would disappear and governments would be able to begin paying off their national debts. In fact some economists estimate that one third of the economy escapes taxation!

Each government has to decide how to distribute this funding that is generated through these various taxes, for the welfare of its society. With democratically elected leadership, who have authority (locally and nationally), and the responsibly to make the right decisions on behalf of its society.

I believe what God wants us to understand and reflect on such facts and figures so that the Body of Christ can rectify the error of perhaps more than 80% of its members, who make the poor decision ‘not to tithe’ and yet still think that God’s Kingdom here on this earth will somehow supernaturally exist without the responsibility of its own people. “There is no shortage of finance…” one economist said, “…in fact there are enough resources in this world for everyone to be a millionaire!”

Consider our National Insurance contributions and pension schemes that are paid or given on behalf of one’s self and one’s own family’s welfare or well being. These payments (in most cases) bring about personal returns.

On thinking about such things God spoke to me one night and gave me a revelation that His Kingdom operates in much the same way. In fact a lot of what we have in society has been taken and established out of a spiritual kingdom. The difference is of course that man is in control of one system, (we call this the Babylonian system) and God is in control of the other!

Because of the fall of mankind, much of our earthly system is influenced by greed and the love of money. But these attitudes don’t just exist within our society the Church also is infested with much of the same spirit!

Finally when it comes to tithing and giving offerings, we are ultimately free to decide what we do with our money, although our flesh usually wins every time! And it is those living and operating out of their spirit and not their flesh who are successfully led to do the right thing where their finances are concerned. Because at the end of the day everything belongs to the Lord and all the time that He is in control there is no chaos.

God is not the author of confusion; spiritual or financial. A book was once written entitled, “Why do bad things happen to good people.” And in a similar way, why do faithful people suffer lack? Usually there is a link in the chain that has been severed. God has called us to be one, to be united and to work together in one accord. After all we are in the same kingdom! If only a small percentage of Kingdom dwellers know how to operate in their finances as the Holy Spirit dictates, imagine how much easier things would be if the larger part did their part as well!

Father thank you that today I can be led of the Holy Spirit and not of dogma. I can submit my finances to You and see You move abundantly with them. It is always better to give than to receive and I thank you that as I pursue righteousness and sensitivity to your Holy Spirit, my giving will be a true blessing to your kingdom. Not compulsive giving that evaporates and does not really bless anyone. But giving that is in line with the overall agenda of Your Holy Spirit who can see the bigger picture. Help me to submit my finances today, so that when I resist the devil from them, he will flee according to James 4:7.

Today I declare that my finances belong to God and to His Kingdom. My finances are not my own. I surrender and relinquish all control to the Holy Spirit, and where my treasure is there my heart is also. I am confident and secure that through Him, my giving will be significant and not born out of dogma and compulsion. I give according to scripture and by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am open to being led and not hardened in my heart, towards the needs of others. My tithe, offerings, seeds and all gifts are ultimately His. I don’t ration God only to a ‘percentage’ of my life! No! I am 100 % His and so are my finances; which are dedicated to Kingdom success.


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