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Kingdom Reign of God

The Kingdom Reign of God

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven (Matt.6:10).

When the Bible refers to the Kingdom of God, it normally refers to the reign of God and not to the realm over which He reigns. However, in our modern idiom the first meaning of the word “Kingdom” is the realm over which a king exercises his rule. The second meaning would be the citizens who live in the king’s territories.

If we approach the Scriptures only with this understanding of the word “Kingdom,” then we will not always understand what the Bible is saying. We must add this third and earlier concept, which is that of reigning, ruling and exercising authority. It’s a more dynamic concept. In the New Testament the predominant meaning of “Kingdom” was God’s reign or rule. The other meanings are seldom used.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is best understood when rendered as “THE GOOD NEWS OF THE REIGN OF GOD.” The Kingdom of God is His rule, His authority, His government; to receive the Kingdom of God is to accept God’s government over our lives and in our hearts. Jesus said we must “receive the kingdom of God like little children” (Mark 10:15). In other words, we must receive the government of God over our lives in childlike trust, because He desires the best for us and His rule over us is our ultimate good.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we actually petition God to “reign” over us, (“…thy kingdom come…” Matt. 6:10) so that His will may be obeyed by men on earth just as He is obeyed in heaven. Because when He is obeyed by men and His will is done in this present life, then the Kingdom of God has come.

When the Bible was written, the hearers of the Gospel possessed this early understanding of “kingdom,” and had no disadvantage or problem in comprehending the spoken or written message of it. When they heard that the Kingdom of God was at hand, they understood that it meant God’s authority was being restored to the earth and that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven meant to enter the realm where God’s reign was experienced immediately in life.

Many preachers have told us that entering the “Kingdom of Heaven” means going to heaven when we die. While this is true, it leaves us with very little understanding of the purposes of God and His intentions for His Church. Failure to preach and understand the kingdom of God is the reason that few Christians live the life of over comers today.

When the Kingdom of God becomes a present reality and not only a future hope, then men are able to enjoy the blessings of God’s rule and reign in their personal lives. They can enter the more abundant and victorious life promised in Scripture, yet presently only enjoyed by a minority of Christians today. Those who enjoy true Kingdom benefits are those who have “…righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” as mentioned in Romans 14:17.

This is not to say that there is no future realm when Christ returns, but it opens to us the marvelous possibility that He will return to a world where His reign is already well established. Not to the fractured and feeble Church we have divided through losing the biblical concept of the Kingdom of God. When the Kingdom of God is proclaimed to the Church and by the Church, we will have returned to the original biblical truth. Even more importantly, we will be obeying the instruction of our King Jesus, to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, hastening the day of His return.

The Kingdom of God is the only thing that Jesus ever called the Gospel. If, therefore, we are not proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, we are not obeying His instruction to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

The government of God is the best news that anyone can ever hear, because it is God’s only solution to all of man’s problems. When we accept this King Jesus as Ruler of every aspect of our lives, only then can we experience true Kingdom living, which is a righteous, peaceful and joyful life in the Holy Spirit (Rom 14:17).

As ambassadors of His Kingdom our role on this earth is to administer His Kingdom justice here; his rule, reign and righteousness. This is the role of every single believer, to reign spiritually and administer His spiritual justice in order to effect His Kingdom here and now wherever we are.

To administer in the dictionary means to manage the affairs of, formerly give out, and to apply. This explains our role quite well in contemporary terms, because we have to minister into our everyday circumstances, and those of others simply by applying God’s spiritual truth, or spiritual laws. We do this without denying or breaching natural laws, for instance you can’t break the law of the country you living in, in order to do things from a Kingdom perspective! You would get into trouble… but you can do things spiritually. Obeying natural laws like gravity and the laws of the land you dwell is one thing BUT laws of God’s kingdom obviously supersede all others and we can apply these truths into the spiritual realm and let it take effect there. Remember that everything originates in the spiritual realm first anyway (Gen 1:1-2) and has its eventual effect here on the earth.

Take scriptures such as Matt 6:10 for example, where it says, “…as it is in heaven” and in Matt. 18:18 especially in the Amplified version where it talks about binding and losing on earth, just as it already is in heaven. We are enforcers who enforce the things of God but in the spirit realm first. That’s where the struggle is, it is a spiritual battle and not one of flesh and blood (Eph 6:12).

There are places of course where preaching is illegal and believers are forced underground but traditionally this has not hindered the gospel, on the contrary that’s often when it runs the fastest, spreads hardest and supersedes all obstacles. But this is another discussion altogether!

What we are talking about here is applying God’s spiritual truth into the atmosphere, letting it supersedes all else; yet without breaching natural or political laws, to the best of our ability! (Remember just being righteous in an unrighteous world makes us a divergence and a conflict in itself. Therefore even before we open our mouths, we are not welcome! Anything we engage in is spiritual warfare! Our very presence on earth creates a hostile clash, reaction, conflict and a resistance to evil.)

Let’s take it a step further and consider “poverty and lack,” for instance; they are present realities and behind them exist spiritual realities. There is such a thing as the “spirit of poverty,” which creates real bondage for many people, including God’s people and its main agenda is to hinder the preaching of the gospel.

How then do we influence such a thing as poverty? The first step is not the prayer of binding and losing (this comes later!) but obedience to God’s Word; this must come first every time. Without this we have no legitimate authority as believers.

In Malachi 3:v8-12 we see that “lack and poverty” can be a direct result of being disobedient to God and ultimately of “robbing” Him of tithes and offerings. So the first steps in dealing with the reality of lack and poverty is to administer justice and behave righteously I n the areas of giving, tithing and offerings; also in direct obedience to His Word. Remember in the New Testament it states “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matt 6:33).

Finally, once we have dealt righteously towards God in this area of our lives, we must not lazily sit back and expect God to furnish every need, luxury and want we have - no! Faith without works is dead. It is now that we must begin to bind those spirits of poverty and lack in our lives and most importantly not forget to lose the abundance and the spiritual blessings of God.

Never forget that when we submit our lives to the divine nature of God, this makes way for His divine power!

Father thank You for Your righteousness, peace and joy that dwells with me as I dwell in your Kingdom here on earth. I rejoice in the fact that Your rule and reign over my life brings freedom and liberty not only to my life but also for many others. Let Your will be done here on earth just as it is in heaven, in my life today; so that I can live in Your perfect will.

Today I declare that I will enforce God’s righteousness in my own life and I will deal righteously with others. I will respond diligently to God’s Word when it comes to giving, tithing and offerings. I exercise my faith today and expect results today; God is not a man that he should lie (Num 23:19) and I trust His Word today. I have influence over my enemies including lack and poverty who are no longer effective in my life. I am victorious through Christ and more than a conqueror in every area of my life. I am at liberty to give, to tithe and to give offerings and most of all I am free to prosper!


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