Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Administered Justice

We must Overcome by Administering Justice
Into Every Situation & Circumstance

…who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice,
and gained what was promised… (Hebrews 11:33-34 NIV).

We can all admit that instead of confessing Gods truth at times, we do nothing but complain. How many times have we said, “Lord I want to quit, I can’t carry on like this…” because we have found ourselves living by the “just get-by gospel” rather than the “overcoming gospel!” Some people are genuinely satisfied with just existing from day to day, but this is not God’s plan.

And although we live in the kingdoms of this world, we are called to administer the justice of a completely different Kingdom. In order to fully comprehend our opening scripture, let us dissect it a little while. For instance what does it mean exactly to administer justice? Literally from the Greek it means: to toil, labor and work for, be committed to and minister about (justice). And justice here chiefly refers to righteousness. Still it’s interesting that the writers of the NIV chose to use the English word “administer justice” (in place of “wrought righteousness” as used in the KJV) which in our language has a whole host of meanings such as: conduct, control, execute; direct, superintend, supervise, oversee, rule. Distribute, supply and furnish; all of which puts a more interesting edge on it.

So then we could define “administering justice” using the English language as simply; distributing and executing righteousness! Or supervising and executing the rule of righteousness on the earth. And it is for this express reason that we did not jump straight to “GO,” collect $200 and go straight to haven (on this monopoly board of life) as soon as we got saved, because who else would continue His mission of administering justice and distributing righteousness on the earth - if not us? Why else are we here and why else are we empowered by His Holy Spirit? Just so we can speak with other tongues? No! Heaven forbid! Oh how much more Pentecost and the marvelous baptism of the Holy Spirit mean than just that!

Nor does our main objective as believers just consist of getting saved and then existing in a state of spiritual inertia for the rest of our lives; co-existing with the world in some kind of juxtaposition - of “them and us, believers vs. non-believers.” No! We have a job to do. We have had our defining moment His name is Christ, our crucified and resurrected Lord. He left His mark on this world. They can’t rightly forget that, no matter how hard they still try. No Politian or celebrity throughout the ages, from Hercules to Stalin has ever out ranked, out smarted or out lived the name of Jesus! His influence on planet earth goes from generation to generation long after those others names have long expired! The name of Jesus will never quietly just disappear into oblivion! Even when overt persecution doesn’t successfully quash His name and deception is deployed against believers instead - His name still lives on…!

And our job as believers does not just involve soliciting converts but also creating disciples who will give themselves over to living righteously and spreading God’s Word and righteousness throughout the earth, “as he is, even so are we in this world” (1 John 4:17). We are to multiply ourselves and to populate the earth and to influence every situation with His righteousness. The influence of His Kingdom on this earth “…is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom 14:17).

However this produces a lightning effect - a direct hit! Light colliding with the darkness and precisely why persecution occurs. (John 17:14-15) They are two separate kingdoms and each is hostile to the other, “For the sinful nature is always hostile to God” (Romans 8:7 AMP). It’s a direct clash. But the clash brings change. The saltiness brings flavor. And righteousness brings salvation and justification (Matt. 5:13).

So in order to summarize: “to declare and administer justice…” means that we should keep on keeping on - preaching the gospel till the very end. No matter how tough it gets. Reflect on this for a moment… many folks are busying themselves these days trying to figure out when the rapture is going to happen and whether or not they will escape the tribulation to come. They have all their pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib theories rapped up! But most of that is bent on self preservation. Why? Because the fact eludes them that persecution is already here (and has never left) in many countries of this world today vast numbers of people are suffering terribly for their faith and the rapture has not rescued them yet!

We have to avoid transforming this gospel into a westernized man-made religion, where we can press the “Eject Button” whenever it suits us. If that were possible many throughout history would have pressed that “Rapture Now” button long before now – if it was in their hands to do so, but of course it was not! In fact each generation has had its own take on the rapture. And the more and more we humanize it, to make it fit the political correctness of our day, the more it loses its proper meaning and significance and all we end up with is a religion that has been denied of its own power. “… having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof… (2 Tim 3:5 KJV)

Our consolidation can be drawn from this, that while we know the darkness is getting darker, the light is getting brighter and we overcome with the blood of the lamb and word of our testimony; this is our legitimate close and divine epilogue, where evil is truly and utterly overcome with good in and through our lives every single day! (Rom 12:21; Rev 12:11; Col. 1:12 NIV)

Father thank you that Your Word is a lamp unto my feet; with you at the helm of my life I will be included in all that you have planned for me and I will not miss anything including the rapture! I thank you for Victory and the overcoming life that you have called me to live. I accept the victory of the cross and don’t deny its power in my life. Help me to administer that same justice wherever I go, just like you planned. Help me to influence the world around me with the righteousness of your kingdom, in the power of Your Holy Ghost. Amen.

Today I declare that my life is in God’s hands. My beginning and my end; even the start of this race called faith and its very close. I relinquish all control to Him and declare that I will administer His justice and His righteousness everywhere I go and into every circumstance that I can have influence over. The righteousness, peace and joy of His Kingdom will reign in my personal life today in Jesus name.


Motto: ‘God Chooses, then the Spirit Tests, but You Must Respond!’

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