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The Blood Transfer

We Overcome Satan, When we say (utter with our own mouths) What God says about the Blood…!

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Revelations 12:11)

So, what is it that enables us to transfer the blood from the basin to the doorframes of our lives?
The answer is by our T E S T I M O N Y.

Testimony is a very simple thing; it is just saying a few words in accordance with the scripture. It’s like the little hyssop, it appears insignificant and unimportant but it was the very tool used to apply the blood that protects and saves from destruction.

The Tongue’s Influence:
The power of our words and the influence of our little member the tongue would be well revised at this point. Our words are very often idle, meaningless none statements. All the time you hear people saying, “Oh I didn’t really mean what I said, I just said it.” That’s simply because they’ve never really been taught the value of their words according to the scriptures.

But really, in our day the value of words has decreased. Although words are selling all the time, in every form of media – words are essential or advertising has no vehicle. Images are meaningless without words.

In yesteryear we all understand that a man’s word was his bond. Which is just nonsense today especially in the business world. The written word is proof and lives on, where as the unrecorded spoken word has disappeared forever and has no lasting value.

Yet scripture I believe states differently. I believe the bible indicates that words of any kind are eternal. They speak forth the power of death or the power of life; words are carriers of death or carriers of life, which is why Jesus said, “…the words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). Jesus knew the value and meaning of his every word.

Nothing idle or careless would have left His lips – he was a man without sin. In Isaiah 53:9 it says about Jesus, “…they assigned Him a grave with the wicked, and with a rich man in His death, although He had done no violence, neither was ANY deceit in His mouth.” (1Pet. 2:22; Mat. 27:57-60)

So he never sinned, not even once with his mouth, incredible to those who live according to the flesh and the carnal flow of this world. Let it all hang out is the motto of this ungodly world: Speak your mind, unleash your confusion onto someone else, and allow your verbal garbage to off-load onto anyone who cares to stay around long enough and listen!

‘Jesus only ever spoke words of FAITH…!’

And so it breeds… Romans 14:23 says, “…whatever does not originate and proceed from faith is sin [whatever is done without a conviction of its approval by God is sinful].” that means that Jesus only ever spoke words of faith. Had any one of His words been void of faith, then sin [deceit] would have been found in his mouth, but he was without sin…

I want to compare our careless idle good for nothing words that are rolled around all day, every day, as idle chatter – to this little insignificant, plentifully found, bunch of weeds, which were found in the Middle East called Hyssop.

What we have been duped into believing all our lives as being something insignificant, none important and of little value, (as our spoken words) in reality according to the scriptures, like this little hyssop become the very incredibly simple vehicle by which we obtain protection and salvation! Just think on that for a moment…!

‘Our words must also be dipped into the blood…’

Yet, just like our little bunch of hyssop, our words must also be dipped into the blood and obedient to Christ [in accordance with His words 1 Peter 1: 1-2] before they too can be used for salvation, protection and life. Just like the hyssop carried the blood to the door, our words carry the protection and redemption of ‘His Blood’ today. Words are carriers, and are used like the hyssop as a vehicle to transfer the blood from where it was to where it needed to be.

It took the hyssop to transfer the blood from basin to door. Likewise, it takes words [confession/ uttered testimony] to transfer the blood from the cross to our lives and the lives of others.

Blood means life [His life is in the blood Leviticus 17:11]. Yet, that basin was only full of a dead animal’s blood and that is all it would have remained had it not been applied to the door as God had said. Applied – the blood protects – miss applied the blood is made void.

Only after the blood was applied were the benefits secured. Like-wise only as we apply the blood of Christ will the benefits be secured; remaining in the basin the blood secured no deliverance. Calvary’s blood of 2000 years ago can work no victory nor secure any deliverance until it is brought into the now by our words and applied to the frames of our lives.

Our confessions [uttered testimonies] are equal to the hyssop smearing – they activate and appropriate the blood. The blood wasn’t meant to stay in the basin then and the blood is not meant to stay in Calvary now – it had to be applied then and it has to be applied now otherwise protection will not be ours.
The blood required hyssop back in Egypt Today it requires our WORDS...!

The riches of the blood are enjoyed through confessing on what that blood can do. Hyssop was God’s only choice for transferring the blood back then in Egypt. The words of our mouths are God’s method of transfer today! No longer is the protection of the blood installed by hyssop but by our words. The blood required hyssop in Egypt but requires our words today.

Our words are like hyssop
Just bitter weeds
Until the Blood of Christ
Is found dripping all over them!!

I can not over emphasis for you, the importance of your uttered testimony, for that we can look at Hebrews chapter 3 verse 1.

Therefore, holy brothers, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess.

The writer of Hebrews calls Jesus the High Priest of our confession. The meaning of the word confession actually means,
‘Saying the same as,
Saying what God says.’

So for us as believers in Jesus Christ, we need to say the same thing with our mouth as God says in His Word. We make the words of our mouth agree with the Word of God.

For Jesus to be the High Priest of our Confession we have to be
saying the same thing as He is saying in His Word….

And as Derek Prince puts it,

"We make the words of our mouth agree with the Word of God…”

Jesus is the High Priest of our confession. Precious saint, realise this sacred truth right here and now with me, NO CONFESSION, NO HIGH PRIEST! Jesus can only advocate on your behalf when you make the right confession. In plain terms, Jesus acting as our High Priest can only effectively support, defend, protect, uphold, cover and act as our attorney if we are saying the same things as him. In obedience to him [1 Peter 1:1-2]

You may call it Testimony or you may call it Confession, nevertheless you can’t get away with it, you must confess, you must testify in accordance with Christ, in order to obtain the salvation protection of Christ.

You settle your destiny by the words you speak:
James said that your tongue is like the rudder on a ship, it’s a very small part of the ship but it determines exactly where the ship will go. It determine the course, path and direction of your life… In other words you will go where your tongue takes you. Into obedience or disobedience, [Heaven or Hell.]

You will go where
Your tongue takes you..!

You could even say; what your tongue agrees with is what you will live out... If you speak obedience to Christ you are more likely to live it! If you speak disobedience to Christ, you will live it… What’s in the heart will be revealed. If Christ be found there, you will speak Him and then you will live Him…

We determine the rout our lives will take by the way we use our tongues. There is just no way around this… You can say all the right things by agreeing with what is said in the Word of God, or you can say all the wrong things and cause your life to drift off course. Whether in your lifetime you eventually find yourself safely at port in the harbour or whether you remain out at sea shipwrecked is determined by how you chose to use your tongue.

Your Destiny is Determined
on how you steered your ship..!

Are you really dying to buy that new dress” or just excited about it, and are you really “…tickled to death” Or do you just find something funny!?

And then, are you truly “…starving to death” or are you just a little peckish?

How we love to exaggerate sometimes, most of us have used this terminology at some point or another.

Hopefully once you’ve been renewed in your thinking you’ve stopped using such terminology! But just see how easy it is to use such terrible choice of words when it would have just been as easy not to use them. What a negative flow this world is in… people are far more comfortable using words of death and doom than they are speaking life and joy!

But ultimately you have to understand that you should never say anything that you wouldn’t want Jesus [your High Priest] to make happen!

The blood of Jesus was not a cheep price to pay – but the Father invested that blood in us. He thought we were worth saving! False humility says that you are to criticise yourself constantly – what rubbish – don’t we realise that when we do so what we are really doing is critiquing the One who loved us? How? You say. By touching his workmanship, we are God’s handy work; let us not even dare do it!

As much as pride is an evil to be rooted from the Body of Christ, it is as much an evil for us as children of the most-high God – to underestimate ourselves – not for anything we have done but for what God has made us and done through us.

So, to transfer the blood from the basin is as practical as it was to use the hyssop. We apply the blood [take it from the basin] by taking up by the words of our mouth in accordance and obedience with the Word of God. By simply acting on what God said and obeying him we bring our words under the blood. Obedience and Blood is what protected the Israelis then and is what protects us now.

The blood works if we obey his word. The first step in obeying His Word is actually agreeing with it and speaking it. Then the blood can cover what we say and what we say can bring deliverance. The blood only protected them after they’d obeyed. To obey is to do what God has said. To do so one has to know what the Word of God is saying. You can’t agree with or act upon something you have no knowledge of!

Reasons for NOT being Fruitful:
Right sacrifice and wrong sacrifice and spilling of a brothers blood, which in turn brought a curse on Cain – because his brother’s blood cried out.

In our work place or ministry or elsewhere – who are WE killing? Not physically but spiritually – in order to climb over – to abuse – to dominate – so that we can achieve.

There will be no fruit unless
One repents
Of this spiritual blood spilling…

One might be gifted and anointed but yet still abusing others…Words are powerful, they can kill or bring life – we need to deal with the issues, whether it be between husband and wife – family or the work place or the responsibility of leadership. In leadership, why are we surprised when issues or circumstances arise that need to be addressed…? That is the very reason that we are in leadership – to address issues!

LOVE must be at the core of every directive…

But God is not looking for us to abuse one another – love must be at the core of every directive. This is not an emotional out burst or demand – but the development of His Kingdom and EVERY LIVING SOUL IS A FAVOURITE IN GOD’S SIGHT – because He redeemed them from the curse of sin and death.

LOVE edifies, LOVE restores, LOVE corrects – with stability that sees the issues from the different perspectives – it’s not about taking sides or “…move-over you’re in my way!”

If we are employed to do a job – we need to do it professionally and allow God as we look to Him and pray for those who are in Authority that means our bosses where we are employed.

It would be stupid to think that we didn’t pray for those where God has called us to be involved (employed).

If our heart is RIGHT and we are not looking to spiritually elbow, abuse, and spiritually kill (spill the blood of) if we DON’T do these things and we TRUST God for our promotion and trust God for the development of our Church or ministries. Then God will add to us, promote us and increase us and prosper us in all that we do, for Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of failure and brought us into a place of sonship. Therefore we have a right, if we have not spilt blood – to the blessings of Abraham.

We have a right if we have NOT spilt blood
To the blessings of Abraham…

So lets NOT spill the blood of others thinking that some how – this will achieve the goal of serving God.

It is not a true sacrifice – it is ABUSE and it has to STOP!

Lord give me courage today to speak only words of faith and love, that line up and agree with Your’s. Fill my mouth with your Word today as I submit my tongue to you today. I want to speak words of faith and words of love that don’t abuse others or shed innocent blood. Turn the bitterness of my ‘hyssop’ into the sweetness of honey. As hyssop served your purpose in the bible, so my tongue serves your purpose today. Amen!

The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips. Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. (Prov 16:23-24 KJV)

By faith I dip my own bitter little herb (tongue!) into the blood of Christ today. To use my tongue to speak words of faith and to ‘utter’ my testimony; confessing Christ as my apostle and high priest (Heb 3:1) and when I ‘confess’ Christ, I mean that I will “say the same thing as He says.” I will speak His Word. I will agree with and affirm His Word in my life and in the lives of others.


Motto: ‘God Chooses, then the Spirit Tests, but You Must Respond!’

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