Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Partnership - Your Personal Invitation

Dear Friend,

Do you have a passion to help people achieve their dreams? If like Dr Alan, you long to help others, then there is an initiative right here that you can get involved with straight away by partnering with Alan Pateman Ministries International.

This is set up to help Dr Alan travel and minister the truth of God´s Word - worldwide. This year alone (& its only February!) he has many international invitations from churches and organizations, which are very eager to have him minister.

It´s true to say, this can only happen though, when people like you participate by supporting such trips, as the Holy Spirit prompts. Your seed makes the difference. So please consider becoming a regular monthly partner today and help impact many other people´s lives.



How to become an APMI Partner as follows:
1. Email your details clearly, stating your name and details
2. Indicate the amount you want to give.
3. Decide method of payment: PayPal or see bank details below
4. Alternatively speak directly via telephone with our friendly APMI Administrator:
Tel No: +39 366 329 1315

By becoming an "APMI Partner," this means you will personally become a vital part of Dr Alan´s Apostolic Ministry - enabling him to carry on ministry, in so many of the nations that he already works in.

Benefits are:
1. Partners will be given Priority Status
2. Daily intercession from the APMI team.
3. No registration fee for APMI Leaders Gatherings.
4. A complimentary copy of each of Dr Alan´s newly released books.
5. All partners will be able to send their prayer requests to this office.
6. For Pastors and Leaders, Dr Alan will consider their invitations as priority.
7. Dr Alan will also be available for personal coaching, advice and so forth.
8. All supporters can use "Truth for the Journey" articles for teaching purposes.
(Respecting the copyright notice on all materials applied).

Included in our Daily Prayer:
Along with Dr. Alan´s Spiritual Sons, all "APMI Partners & Prayer Warriors" will be added (along with their individual photograph) to our APMI Prayer Board - meaning that they will become our priority, in our powerful daily prayer meetings!

There will be regular letters sent to their inbox called "APMI News." This will keep individual partners well informed.

*We are looking for 100 faithful APMI - PRAYER WARRIORS!
1. To pray for Dr Alan and his apostolic ministry.
2. To give on a monthly basis.
3. Believe with us to target their giving, either as a one-time gift - or - split up through monthly giving.

Vice President
Jenny Pateman
On behalf of my husband

You can give by PayPal or speak to our office for directions.
Email: dr.alan@alanpateman.com

To give by PayPal:

International Bank Details:
Name: Alan Pateman
Account Number: 80237817
Sort Code: 20-50-82
Bank Name: Barclays Account
Branch: Liverpool South West Derby UK
Bank Website: www.barclays.co.uk

IBAN: GB11 BARC 2050 8280 237817


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