Thursday, 15 March 2007

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Dr. Alan Pateman (LICU)
IAAC Founder & President,
and Educational Consultant

Ministerial Profile:
Dr. Alan Pateman, an apostle, is the President and Founder of "Alan Pateman Ministries International" (APMI), traveling widely throughout Europe, Africa and America (over 40 countries). "Connecting for Excellence" (CFE) an Apostolic Global Network, the purpose of CFE is connecting leaders for divine opportunities and building lasting relationships, to touch the lives of leaders literally the world over.

He has also ordained over 500 ministers in over 25 nations with a growing number of connections in "Ministerial Affiliation and Association" (CFEMA). Furthermore he is the Founder of "LifeStyle International Christian University" (2007), where he holds the position of President and is also a Professor of Theology, Biblical Studies and Apostolic Ministry. LICU is exploding throughout Italy, Europe and Africa, working with many churches.

In December 2012 Dr. Alan established the "International Apostolic Accreditation Council," the purpose is to provide schools/training programs that are identified with the new Apostolic and Prophetic Movement. It is undeniably true that the most successful students and ministers now come from schools that are birthed by Apostolic Ministries.

Dr. Alan is recognized as a prolific writer and is the owner of "APMI Publishing & Publications" (the writing of the prophets), who has written excellent materials that help advance the gospel. He is a successful author of over 30 book titles, numerous teaching materials, along with hundreds of "Truth for the Journey" articles on Kingdom Lifestyle (that are regularly distributed globally via the internet) along with countless teaching audios, MP3s and University Courses for LICU.

Academic Background:
Dr. Alan Pateman attended several colleges throughout his training (including studying Theology at Roffey Place, Horsham, UK and a Member of Kerygma - with Rev. Colin Urquhart and Dr. Bob Gordan - 1985-1987) before being awarded a Doctorate of Divinity (2006) in recognition of his lifetime achievements by the International College of Excellence, now "DanEl Christian College" (President: Dr. Robb Thompson USA) also "Life Christian University" (Dr. Douglas Wingate USA) where he also earned a Bachelor of Theology B.Th. (2006), a Master of Arts in Theology M.A., a Doctor of Ministry in Theology D.Min., (2007) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology Ph.D. (2013).

He is recognized as an Apostle, Bishop, Leadership Mentor, University Educator, Motivational Speaker, Connector and Author, who has also been featured on both national and international TV and radio networks throughout the years.

Currently Apostle Alan, his wife Jenny and three children reside in Florence, Italy and travel out from their Apostolic Company.



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